When business is faced with make-or-break challenges, and/or compelling opportunities, change is not enough. Transformation is required—and in our increasingly complex and turbulent world, circumstances, more and more often, demand nothing less.

Business transformation requires profound shifts that go to the core of the business. Transformation requires confronting and changing the organisation’s identity and strategy, leadership and culture, practices and processes, products and services. Business transformation is the process by which a business reinvents itself for a sustainable future in complex and changing environments.

Business Change

Achieving a sustainable business transformation requires conscious personal and collective leadership transformation wedded to a sustained organisation-wide systems change over a period of time—typically two to five years. This terrain is not for the feint of heart. Transformation demands hands-on, persistent and courageous leadership combined with full-hearted engagement from your entire organisation, suppliers and customers.

Organisational Assessment

Designed as a multi-method baseline assessment for organisational transformation, our Whole Systems Assessment is a customised, consultant-administered approach. It includes one or more of our culture assessment methods, and goes on to address business performance and capacity/capabilities. We use our own Six Systems model to ensure we address the critical components that determine the organisation’s ability to change and to perform over time.

Culture Assessment

Until you can accurately describe culture, it’s hard to change it. We use an array of top-flight organisational assessment approaches, administered by our consultants and tailored to meet the strategic needs of each client. our expertise includes such methods as critical incident techniques, narrative-based analysis, and archetypal modeling.